Sunday, October 14, 2012

Venue and wedding dress

Laura came home this weekend and yesterday we looked at three venues, all very nice.  Laura is deciding between Lake View and Lake Peril.  I do believe she will pick Lake View, which is sophisticated and elegant.   We the went to Vows in Water town,MA and tried on five dresses and picked the fourth one.  Heart neck line beaded chess and soft flow to the ground and a full length Vail.  She looks beautiful.  So in one day we have a venue and a wedding dress.  I spoke to the maid of honor and decided where to have the bridal shower.  Ina tent in my yard.  I have a beautiful back yard.  It will happen some time late May.  Tim her fiance' is not from around here and groom's men live every where.  Jacob, Tim's best man and Randy, my husband are planing a trip to Fox woods.   Then the rehearsal dinner will be planned for the night before.  We are also having an after party at the house after the reception at the house.  Well it seems well planned so far.  

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